Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There’s a blizzard a comin’. It’s all anyone’s talking about. I’m assuming you’ve heard about it? And made fun of the coverage? We’ll see how much snow we end up with. The roads are already pretty drifted, everything is canceled, and Kris told the cattle to fend for themselves tomorrow. Just kidding, he’s working like normal.

There’s a new project on the horizon – building a barn. Today, Kris went to a friend’s large farm about a mile from here to check out their barn setup. How large? We milk about 300 head; they milk 4300 head. In fact, they just added on to one of their barns. They added one row of freestalls (the places cows lie down) to make space for 300 more cows. That’s right! They added our entire milking herd. So, yes, a pretty large farm.

He also met with an excavation company to see where we’d be able to build the barn. It has to be close enough to a well to use the water supply, but not too close or it won’t meet health code. We could put it on one side of the barn, but there’s a slope, so we might have to bring a lot of dirt in to make it flat enough to build.

Lots more meetings ahead, but everything will be on hold until we dig out from the storm. That is, assuming it’s as bad as they say it is. Of course, if you watch the coverage, this’ll be my last post because this storm will cause the world to end.


Tracy said...

Haha. The world DID end here yesterday. We drove to the movie theater...closed. Fast food restaurants...closed. Law offices and dentist...closed. Price Chopper grocery store...parking lot PACKED to stock up for the storm. We live in the suburbs, you know? You can walk to the store! But no one goes anywhere. The upside? When driving on the streets and not able to see ANYTHING--including the curbs--at least there are no other people to run into. They're all inside.

Aimee said...

I know I already told you this yesterday, but high of 71 here today! You could always move back to NC... (forget what I told you about tomorrow's high being 45)

the crew said...

Another NC girl wearing a t-shirt today and inviting you to come live...just sayin"! :)

Jules said...

Nope! I vote you stay and face Snowathons with me, giving tours of the new barn in the off-season.