Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, Canada

Kris and his group's bus left this morning from Lansing. They had lunch in Ontario, visited Niagara Falls, and stopped in Geneva, New York. They attended a dinner with the NY Farm Bureau Young Farmer organization and are staying with host farm families tonight. He sent this today:

We're really lucky. When Kris is gone, my dad is willing to help out. (The first time we left the farm on vacation, I asked Kris if he'd called dad to see how things went. Kris said, "It's kind of a strange question. Hey, did everything go okay on the farm you ran by yourself for 30 years?")

I called my dad to ask how everything went today.

"Well, none of the cows died," he said. "That was good."

I laughed. "That is good," I agreed.

"Of course, all I did was feed them this morning. They could have all died this afternoon, for all I know."

So, Kris is having a good time, the cattle are alive, and my dad is still funny.

Well, he's funny as long as they're really not dead.

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