Friday, February 25, 2011


I was out with some friends last night. Amanda said she’d like to visit the farm so she could show her son tractors, because he’s interested in them right now.

Megan said, “Forget my kids, I want to come and see the farm!”

I suggested they wait until May, when it’s warmer (hopefully?) and all the calves are being born. I love showing people the calves, the milk parlor, and the irrigation system. Last year many of my friends were lucky enough to actually see calves being born. (Another friend of ours hung out in the pasture for three hours and didn’t see even one being born. She’s going to try again this year.)

Of course people want to expose their kids to a farm, because kids are curious about everything. My kids ask questions all day: “How do you make bread? How do magnets work? How do you get a baby?” I answer every question, some with the help of images on the internet, and some vaguely so they don’t repeat something I don’t want them to later. You can guess which.

Some places are really set up for it – like Dairy Discovery at Swisslane Farms specializes in agritourism.

We also welcome visitors anytime. Bring your kids! And get ready to answer their questions about how calves are made.


Jules said...

Maybe mumble something about a mommy cow and a daddy cow rubbing their "calves" together and voila! A calf is born? That's my go-to story when M inevitably asks this Spring.

w.hamilton said...

You don't what those darn kids spilling your bread making secrets to everyone in town.