Sunday, January 30, 2011


There are about 50,000 dairy farms in America. Not that many, right?

The good part: I can tell my friends how lucky they are to know me. Haha.

The bad part: There’s not a lot of competition amongst companies vying for our money.

As a result – how much do you think this costs?

This is a plastic sprayer, much like a hose nozzle. It’s used to spray teat dip on the cows. Did you guess $100? Yes!

It’s not as if there’s no competition, it’s just limited. It’s not like going into a grocery store and seeing 20 different kinds of sponges. You have a few choices, and you pay for what you get. Even though we don’t have tons of variety among companies … at least politicians try to cater to farmers!

And on another positive note, one of our employees bought the tractor! For almost the same amount … we can buy another sprayer.

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Jules said...

Nobody ever sprayed teat dip on me when I was being milked. I'm so mad right now.