Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The guy Kris stayed with last night works on an 800-cow dairy, and he gave them a tour. They also grow cabbage, mainly for sauerkraut, which explains their logo:

They use 13 robots to milk the cows. (Our neighbors across the road also have a robot milker, which is super cool. It'll be the subject of a future post. After the temperature heads at least into middle age-ish numbers.)

They also had something I've never seen before - a robotic feed pusher.

Every day, Kris pushes the feed closer to the cattle with the skid steer. That way, they eat it all, so none is wasted.

The robotic feed pusher pushes feed up every other hour. It has an ultrasound sensor that detects where the feed curb is located. It has floor magnet stops so it knows where to quit. It saves on labor, because no one is going to push the feed up that often. Also, it's better for the cows because they always have fresh feed.

We'd have to build a new barn to use a robotic feed pusher like this, which is unlikely. But this robot that looks like Roomba's bossier, older brother is some neat technology. (Pushy, sure, but cool.)

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Aunt Sara, Uncle Paul too. said...

I guess you and Chris will have to become robotic, you probably wouldn't break down and would be a savings on the outside energy source.