Saturday, February 5, 2011

New and old

The roads are clear, Kris' schedule is full. First of all, he turns 33 years old tomorrow. His birthday often falls on the Super Bowl - isn't that a fun day to share? You're already planning a day around eating and sports and celebrating!

He and my dad went to look at a tractor yesterday, and are probably going to buy it. It's a John Deere, and our (free for a year) Kubota is also on its way. Red, blue, green, orange - continuing to add to our rainbow of machinery.

Today Kris is meeting with another barn builder, which we hope to build this year. So, happy birthday, Kris! Build yourself a barn.

My mom got him a gift he asked for - it's called Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game. This is how it works. You all hold a controller and look at a flashing light. When the green light turns to red, you push the button on your controller. The last person to push the button gets a shock. We played and I lost. It was quite a jolt! I yelled, dropped my controller, and massaged my hand. I felt it down to my toes. It took me a lot of courage to play again, but I did - and Kris lost. BUT HE HAD NO REACTION.

"Didn't it hurt?" I asked. He said, "Not really. Maybe I've been shocked by the cattle's electric fence too many times. One time I touched that and my shoulder hurt for two days."

We had it on shock level one. You can turn it up to four. I guess that's the 'works with cattle' level.


Jules said...

Jeesh. Ok, I'll play ONE time.

Jessica said...

That sounds like a terribly sadistic game. You should take it to a tailgate and see how well peoples reactions are after a few beers. :)

Katie said...

This sounds like a horrible game. Do not share my birth date with your mom....unless you hate me. :)

Aimee said...

When I was a kid, we played a similar game where we would take turns running around on the top of a mountain handing off a metal rod during an thunderstorm. Kids these days have everything.