Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milk inspector

Our MMPA field rep came yesterday. MMPA is the name of our milk co-op - Michigan Milk Producers Association. Part of his job is to do routine milk inspections. So we get inspected at least four times a year for cleanliness, food safety, safe medicine use, and acceptable farm practices.

This rep is new at his job, but he grew up on a dairy farm, so he seemed pretty comfortable.

There are also mandated state milk inspectors. The state of Michigan had to eliminate one of their inspections due to budget cuts, so the co-op picked it up. It seems imperfect because it's your own c-op inspecting you, but they're even harder on you than the state, because they want to make sure that when the state inspects you you're free of problem areas.

It's always a surprise inspection, and he looks through the parlor, the milk house, the utility room, and goes through a checklist.

We passed with flying colors as usual. I just hope he doesn't bring those white gloves of his in my house.

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Nicki Woo said...

ooh, now that would be scary.

just dropping by to say hello, and to thank you for commenting on my blog the other day, or week ago. i always see your comments on adbits, so this is not the first time i've been in your parts (ooh that sounds bad) IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS, but i never comment because i don't know what to say to a woman who runs her own freakin' dairy farm, when i have problems with a 1 ft by 1 ft veg garden. Clearly I'm impressed with you.