Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Pretty soon after we moved here they started working on a bridge on our road. They took it down completely because they said it was unsafe, but they didn’t have the money to fix it until this winter. They started on it in December and now have just a few things left to do after the ground thaws. So … opening soon!

Before they took it down, they first reduced the weight limit on it. It’s near an alfalfa field of ours. Kris and our employees would drive over it with a tractor and an empty wagon, but after they filled the wagon with alfalfa, they drove a few miles around the square to get back. No one really wanted to test the new limits.

There are good and bad points - I’m going to kind of miss having a dead end road, because there’s a lot less traffic. But, I’m looking forward to being able to see our neighbors down the road again. We all felt kind of cut off from each other after the bridge was gone! We’ll save on time and fuel with a reinforced bridge. I’ll have more running routes.

I also liked seeing what happened to the gravel in the road. The weeds crept into the road almost immediately. There were deer, rabbit, raccoon, and squirrel tracks in the gravel-turned-to-mud. There were flocks of turkeys hiding out in the newly deserted woods.

But, on a less romantic note, Kris is really excited about it from a farming standpoint. Now it’s time to test this bridge for things other than nature walks. Kris hopes to christen it by driving our giant planter over it this spring.

Bridge work

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Jules said...

Should he start with something uh... smaller? Or maybe the "free" tractor he received? Anyway, you should totally organize a block party/ribbon cutting. (Yes, I'd be happy to be the ceremonial cutter)