Thursday, February 10, 2011


It was my sons' turns to take snacks to preschool. I decided they should take something made from milk. A dairy promotion opportunity!

The first week, my son Cole took cheese sticks.

"Something wrong happened!" he said as he was getting in the car after preschool. "Some of the kids didn't like cheese sticks!"

"Huh. That's funny. Who doesn't like cheese sticks? You like them! Dad likes them!"

"I know!" he said, reassured. "But TWO kids said no, they didn't want one."

The next week for Ty's turn, he took Go-Gurts, which is yogurt in a tube.

After preschool, I asked if the kids liked it. "Yes!" he said. "All the kids liked Go-Gurts!"

Cole was reminded of his snack. "Why didn't some kids like cheese sticks?" he asked.

"Well, they don't like every snack, do they?" I asked.

No, they said, and listed snacks some kids wouldn't eat - like oranges and raisins.

"And you don't like every snack - Ty, you said you didn't like some orange crackers someone brought, right? So you didn't eat them?"

"Cheez-its. But I ate them," Ty said, looking confused.

"Oh. Well, you don't have to ... eat things ..." I started.

"But I had to. They put them in front of me," he said.

After a lifetime of teaching him to eat what I give him, I wasn't going to try to talk him out of that one.

I guess I'm not the only parent bringing dairy products. Cheez-its really do have 'cheese' in the ingredient list. Even spelled correctly.


Jules said...

What a nice, polite boy to eat his Cheez-Its (also, what? He doesn't like Cheez-its?!) This was a tremendously helpful post- I will NOT be sending raisins or oranges to school with M. Thank you for the heads up!

Alicia said...

Kids are crazy - oranges are the best things around. I have to agree with Ty, Cheez-its seem gross. (Sorry Jules!)