Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not a lot of fun

"The milk truck's here," Kris said, as we watched it go past our house toward the barn.

We stood side-by-side and watched intently out the window, hoping it'd be able to make it. Mike had plowed the road with a tractor - there's no way it'd get through otherwise.

We watched it go up the hill, turn in the drive, almost there! And then ... stop. It was stuck.

"I'll see you later," Kris said. He'd been home about 45 minutes, after a long morning, and obviously had to go help.

I had doubted, but the meteorologists really got it right this time! We got about a foot of snow, and it blew and drifted - a true blizzard.

The milk truck wasn't the first vehicle stuck that morning. When Kris drove to the barn, the snow was up to his headlights. He got stuck right before the driveway where it had drifted. He walked to the tractor, plowed the snow around the truck, and towed it out.

When Kris got to the barn, the snow had actually blown into it. Here are the controls to the feeder:

At home, we decided not to dine outdoors.

Everything took longer, everything had to be plowed. (The plows haven't come to our side roads yet. Most dairy farms plow their own roads, since we need the milk trucks to come.)

So, due to today's weather, being a dairy farmer wasn't the most fun job. Nope, today the best job goes to ... meteorologists.

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Tracy said...

Hahaha! Funny! And true!!