Sunday, February 6, 2011


When Kris worked for Caterpillar, he was gone an average of three nights a week. Often, he was gone for a week or two at a time. Since we've moved here ... nope. Sure, he takes trips every now and then, but it's usually just a night or two. But he's getting ready to leave for a long trip. He's going various places (the end point being Washington DC) with a Farm Bureau leadership class.

As everyone knows, getting ready to take time off is a lot of work. So in preparation ...

Kris took a bunch of tires off the pile and cut the plastic off the feed, so that no one would have to do it when he was gone.

He talked to the employees about being gone and left instructions on things to do this week.

He made sure all the feed is ordered, so it doesn't run out while he's gone.

He ran around the farm doing various things like plugging in the timer for the space heater so the pipes in the calf barn don't freeze. He's been leaving it plugged in all day, since it's been so cold, but at least this way if someone forgets to turn it on, at least the timer will make it go on at night.

When Kris was gone before, it wasn't a big deal, because it was just ... me. Now, with kids, I'm preparing for his trip too. How? By making lots of plans with lots of people. The farm just isn't as fun without the farmer around.

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