Sunday, September 29, 2019

Fall, falling, fallen


It's a - ready for it - rainy fall!  The living in a rain forest life has continued.  It affected our alfalfa harvest, too.  Even though there was no rain in the forecast, it rained plenty on our hay after we cut it.  However, it dried and we managed to get a good fourth cutting.

We're looking to start the corn harvest, but it ... keeps raining!  What an unusual year.  I should stop being surprised, but it's so different from the other years I've lived here.  I watered my flowers twice this year - twice!  Many years I watered them daily.  Now let's imagine that at a farm level.  

When I'm not talking about the rain ... I do a lot of podcasting with different farmers:

including with a teff farmer, the owner of a cider mill, a state rep, and a winery owner!  It's really fun talking with everyone and learning about different farms and interesting people.

We're looking forward to corn harvest, the cows are doing well, and we're working and going to the boys' fun activities all the time, as well as hitting Michigan State football games.  It hasn't rained DURING a game yet, so we're happy about that!  And of course, with the weather you do get spectacular skies.  I've seen more rainbows this year than any in my life.