Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mark your calendars

Katie Eisenberger, MSU extension educator, is starting a 5K race to promote agriculture education!

We had the first meeting tonight, and I'm so excited to be helping. The race is going to be August 6, in Alma, MI on the Gratiot County Fairgrounds. Katie has tons of ideas, from cowbell medals for the kids' race, to farm facts on the shirts, to incorporating the pancake breakfast into the post-race food ... it's going to be great! You're all invited!

I immediately asked my punniest friend, Julie of Ad Bits, to help think of a name for the race. You can see from her witty, marketing-focused site that she'd be good at this.

Katie said her goal is to run 15 miles this week, and wondered if planning a 5K counted for three of them. I think blogging about it counts for probably three more. And asking other bloggers to work on it ... maybe three and a half.

Registration information to come!

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