Thursday, February 3, 2011


Calves need a lot of care. What they eat, where they live - you have to pay careful attention to them because they're delicate, like babies. The cold, windy weather we've had lately has been hard on their respiratory systems. They're not loving it.(What sane creature would? Who would choose to live here? Oh, wait, me.) Kris heard some of them coughing so today he gave them shots.

The first year we lived here I watched my dad and Kris try to give a heifer a shot. She was in the pasture, which meant she could easily run away from them. My dad got a lasso and lassoed her. (Impressive, no? He wasn't swinging it around his head or anything - but he did throw it over her neck. Looked hard!) They tried to hold onto the rope - impossible, since she was so much stronger, and running at top speed. So they got in the truck and chased her until they could drive over the rope and stop her. They successfully gave her the shot.

Today was easier than that, because the calves are in an open lot. Still running free, but smaller than an entire pasture!

It's just that time of year, it seems. Calves are coughing, my kids are coughing. If I could give my kids a shot to heal them, I'd do it too. If they gave me any problems, I'd just have my dad bring over the lasso.

The calves, hoping the groundhog was right

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Jules said...

Your dad doesn't do anything calf-assed does he?