Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kris is back from his tour. The calves are healthy, the equipment is working, and today it reached - wait for it - 50 degrees! And sunny! We wore the same amount of clothing. I'm waiting for it to get to 60 degrees until I choose a less-bulky coat. I even heard a bird sing this morning. It might be singing every morning, but the wind would be drowning it out anyway.

One of our valued employees gave her two weeks' notice today. She's moving to another town to work full-time for a custom calf grower. That's an operation where they just raise calves. That's how delicate an operation it is - there are entire farms and ranches where people send their calves to be raised, then take them back when they're ready to be milked.

She's excited about it and we're happy for her. (There are no hard feelings. I've known her her entire life, her parents have known me my whole life, etc.) We don't need to hire anyone right now, because we have enough milkers to fill in her shift.

So, just one less person here, mucking around in our glorious mud.


Jules said...

Is Sasquatch one of your milkers?! That footprint looks huge! I hope the girl leaving wasn't also one of your babysitters?!

The Dairy Mom said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (The Dairy Mom). I've enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for giving me the address. It's great to see dairy producers telling their story. Keep it up!