Saturday, May 21, 2011


Kris worked from 6:00am to 9:00pm today. And when I say worked ... he really was working all the time, except for the few minutes where I forced encouraged him to apply sunscreen.

Calves galore - 11 today! Picking them up in the truck. Chasing in the mothers. Feeding the calves. Loading up some feed we're selling. Repeat. My dad worked most of the day too ... and he's twice Kris' age. Will Kris be able to do this physical of work when he's my dad's age? Let's hope! (Of course, we are raising all these boys. One of them better be able to lift a calf onto a truck bed at some point. Next year? Maybe with intense training and a serious growth spurt.)

I did my part as dairy communicator hosting a friend, her husband, and her two-year- old son Jack. (It's tough work, but Kris can't do the physical labor AND show people around the farm.) Jack loves tractors. He loved sitting in them. All of them. We were pretty sure he'd never tire of it. As they left, his dad said, "I don't think Disney World would be any better." We laughed. Then as they were getting in the car - minutes after he exited a tractor - Jack said, "When can we go to the farm?" Ha! It may not be a theme park, but it's cheaper ... and closer.

And check out these rides! It's hard to beat sitting on an early 90s parked tractor! Take that, tea cups.

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