Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kris planted about 100 acres of corn today. I asked him to take a picture of the planter for me to show people.

When I mentioned "the planter" to my friend the other day, she said, "Planter, like what exactly? Because when you say that, I think of a flower box."

The planter is a really amazing piece of machinery, I think. You pour corn seed from big bags into the white bucket parts of the planter. I imagined first that then the corn plops on the ground. That's not right. After it goes in there, a WHOLE LOT of things happen.

There's a blower that blows the seed against a plate that has holes in it and the seed has to be in the right place in the hole, then it drops down into a tube that puts it in the ground. There are also two blades that are in a 'v' shape that dig a hole for the corn seed. A bunch of wheels press it into the ground and cover it up with dirt.

So, the planter digs a hole, places a seed it, presses it into the soil, and covers it with dirt.

It's the same idea as a flower box ... except we need the crop to feed our cattle all winter, we have to harvest it in the fall, and for a flower box, it's really, really big. But you get the same pleasure at looking at a nice field as you do your beautiful flowers!

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Jules said...

I did not think of flowers. I thought of nuts. As in Planters peanuts. Which I'm going to go hunt down now and eat by the fistsful.