Sunday, May 1, 2011


After Kris stops giving calves a bottle, he has to teach them to drink from a bucket. Some of them catch on easily, some of them take longer. They all get it eventually.

He sticks his two fingers into the calf's mouth to get her to suck. Then he draws her head down into the bucket. Her natural inclination is to drink with her head up, not down, so when she gets milk into her mouth, she often butts her head upward. However, since she's drinking from a bucket ... she doesn't get any milk this way. So he draws her head back down again until she understands that she has to keep her head down.

Kris already has a worn-away spot on his skin where the calves have been rubbing. They only have bottom teeth, so they can't bite him. By the end of calving season, he develops a callus.

Today was sunny and 75 degrees! We're in the season where I don't really count on Kris being anywhere on time. This morning after I parked at church, I texted him about something I forgot. He later told me he got that text while he was still in the field - and had just pulled a calf. Yet he still made it to church on time - and was showered and dressed! I'm not really sure how he did it.

Also, our neighbors have the most wonderful tradition. Every May 1, they hang a bouquet of flowers and candy on our doorknob with a note wishing us 'Happy May Day!' There is no better start to my favorite month! So - Happy May Day to all of you! I hope your month is full of good weather, flowers, and calluses where you need them!

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and Happy May Day to you! :)