Thursday, May 19, 2011


The weather has changed, and it feels like it's for good! (Note - I'll be taking back these words soon, now that I've written that.)

There were only four calves born today. Kris said tomorrow looks like it's going to be a big day, since a lot of them look ready.

The boys got to see Kris pull a calf today ... I'm still on zero for the year. That's right - they so far have had 56 heifers and 48 bulls, and I've seen NO births. It's just not the best year. Between keeping kids from touching the electric fence and having another kid who can't yet walk, it's not the easiest to witness these births. I strongly encourage all the calving mothers to have them near the road - in between my children's naps - but so far, no luck.

Last year I was lucky enough to assist, and to have my friend take a picture:

Judging from the picture, "assist" seems strong, but I really did pull enough to realize that I wasn't strong enough to do it by myself.

Here's to a banner calving day tomorrow! And increased arm strength for all!


The Photographer said...

That was only one of the best days EVER! Easily my favorite farm story.

Carla said...

Agreed! Let's schedule another birthing sometime soon. Now I just have to get one of the cows to set a time ... : )