Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ahhh ....

Kris has had quite the weekend! Thirteen calves born on Friday the 13th ... the 4-wheeler almost getting swept away by the swollen creek ... pulling a calf while the cow was trying to run away ... and tonight he came home and said when he'd parked the truck in the pasture, the cattle had snapped off his driver side mirror.

Cows are really hard on trucks. They can do some damage - not on purpose - just because they're strong and like to rub on things. So one of them could've bumped into it, or was scratching herself on it, or was trying to get a good look in it to see how her pregnancy was coming along.

I spent the weekend on vacation, so I missed the 85 degree weather. No worries! I returned to 40 degrees and rainy, so everything seems normal.

Funny thing - since today was rainy, Kris was hoping no calves would be born, and none were. My dad said no self-respecting cow would have a calf on a day like this. They really do tend to have calves on nicer days - chalk that up to instinct and survival skills. After two days of rain ... how much longer can they hold it? When a calf is ready, it's ready, but it is amazing how they tend to have them on nice days. So ... next day without rain? Get ready for some serious calving.

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A Pregnant Friend said...

No way! That is actually very amazing. Do they get stretch marks? If not, could you please get their secret? Thank you.