Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sidewalls sideways

This is the way the silage pad looked when it was being poured in early August:
This was it today, with 107 loads of chopped corn on it:
After three straight days of chopping, we're done until Monday.  The rest of the fields need to dry a little more.  So the guys covered the pile.  (It rained a little later to make everyone feel like it was worth it!)
It was such a jovial atmosphere.  Even though it's hard work, the guys were all laughing and talking and joking.  It was nice, plus my kids enjoyed it.
Kris purchased some sidewalls.  The benefits are: they weigh less.  They're easier to stack and get out of the way when they're not on the piles.  They don't fill with rainwater that gets really gross.  Cole calls it "tire juice" and later told me, "All the guys started calling it that too."

The cons: they cost money, unlike tires that people are always trying to get rid of.  But when you're moving them around a lot, sidewalls are at least a nice alternative. 

While I was there, Mike joked that covering the pile is a lot like Sisyphus, the king who had to forever roll a boulder up a hill.  But he was smiling when he said it ... so maybe throwing some sidewalls in the mix does help.

Not everyone there was working hard.  Some of them got downright comfortable.  Mired in tire juice and all.


Dad said...

Hey, aren't you running afoul of some child labor law there?--forcing the "tire juice" guy to lug those tires might get you fines and time from our ever watchful Big Brother.

K said...

Don't you just love a farmer who knows his Greek mythology? (And isn't afraid to show it... ) Nice post, Carla!

Carla said...

Haha! It'll start being labor when he stops thinking it's fun!

Thanks, K! Yes, I do. : )

Angi said...

Is Mike ever not smiling? Love this post - I agree, the mythology adds a certain mystique to covering a silage pile!

Carla said...

Thanks so much, Angi! And no, I don't think so either!