Monday, May 16, 2011

Take your child to work day

As soon as my sons wake up in the morning, they ask if they can go help their dad work. They plead with me to call him. If they see his truck pass by, they ask if they can go get in it. One of my favorite sights from last summer was to see him drive up and the boys would scramble into his truck - up the door and through the window. Barefoot, like tiny mountain goats.

One of the reasons Kris wanted to farm is so that his kids would know what his job was. Here they do! He takes them with him as much as possible. Tonight they helped my dad and Kris do chores, which consisted of feeding the calves, riding in the calf cart to get milk, and looking in the pasture for calves.

The boys will drop anything they're doing to go and 'help dad.' Sometimes getting them to put on their shoes and coats takes forever - but not when they're going with him!

It's a nice bonus of farm life that every day is take your child to work day.

Some other sights of the day:

I love waking up to see the cattle across the road. It only happens every few weeks since they're grazing on a rotation. I always hope they'll be there when we have guests visiting.

Kris and the boys feeding the calves in our 100 year old barn

The cement feed alley in the new barn - poured today!

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