Sunday, April 20, 2014

I was born in Michigan

I just went on the treadmill and the movie Easter Parade was on.  Judy Garland started to sing a song ...

"I was born in Michigan,
And I wish and wish again,
That I was back in the town where I was born;"

(Oh, how funny!  I thought.  I've never heard this song before.)  She continued:

"There's a farm in Michigan,"

(Wait, a farm?!  Wow.  Now I really can't believe I've never heard this.)

"And I'd like to fish again,
In the river that flows beside the fields of waving corn.
A lonesome soul am I,
Here's the reason why:

I want to go back,
I want to go back,
I want to go back to the farm,
Far away from harm,
With a milk pail on my arm."

(Milk! No way.  She's singing about going back to a dairy farm in Michigan and I've NEVER HEARD THIS SONG?)

She went on about a rooster and a big city and missing a certain someone full of charm, but I was already searching on the internet about how old this song was.  Yes, Irving Berlin wrote it in 1914, it had some success, and the most famous performance of it was in the 1948 movie Easter Parade.  Meaning - this song has been in existence my entire lifetime and my mom's entire lifetime, yet I have never once heard it.

Does anyone know this song?  Or does everyone?  Are all of you secretly humming it to yourselves when you're talking to me?  I'm going to start paying closer attention.


Jon said...

Never heard of it...but pretty excited you brought it to my attention!

Mom said...

Well, I can sing the whole song "Easter Parade" but never heard of this song before. It does seem like it would have come up sometime in my life before this! Especially since Dad is so good at suddenly bursting out in song with some tune from 60 years ago that I have never heard him sing before and didn't know even existed! Now you will have to teach it to your boys and carry it on to future generations.

Carla said...

Jon - I hope you teach it to everyone in Texas. Mom - CRAZY. Please start playing this when I enter your house. : )