Sunday, May 8, 2011


First set of twins born today! Two heifers. Plus five heifers and one bull. Happy Mother's Day!

Kris fed, calved, spent three hours celebrating with our families and me, then was back out for more calving ... and started planting corn!

Our wonderful, fantastic, hard-working employees were great this weekend. Kris asked some of them if they'd be willing to work, and they were! It really made a difference in the planting time. (And stress level.)

He's now doing payroll, and is about ready to fall into bed and start all-day planting tomorrow, along with the regular work. I should mention that my dad also is a great help during this season, since he helps Kris every day. (Unfortunately, this means he's not available to drive my kids to school. I GUESS Kris needs the help more than I do, but my kids are learning far fewer new songs than they did riding with my dad.)

I went with my (fantastic) mom today to see some new mothers ... our neighbors' lambs! Again, my experience is with dairy. I don't know a ton about other kinds of farms, but I'm learning. And what did I learn today? Lambs are adorable.

Also ... my parents made steak for lunch today. While eating it, my son said, "Is this one of our cows, or someone else's?"

Kris said, "It's someone else's cow." (My dad bought a steer from a 4-H member.)

My son looked closely at his meat and said with confidence, "I thought so. It looks brown. Ours would look black and white."

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