Sunday, May 22, 2011


I went out to the pasture with my dad and Kris. They picked up this newborn calf - one of 8 born today.

What is there to know about calves?

- They're really wet when they're born. Their mothers have to lick them off to stimulate them and get the fluid off of them. If they don't, another more-experienced cow does it, or Kris towels them off.

- They can walk within an hour of birth.

- Once they're in the barn, Kris treats their bellybuttons with iodine to help prevent infection.

- Iodine is used to make meth, so it's not as readily available as it used to be. (So I hear.)

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Jules said...

I think it's nice K takes a towel to them instead of a hose, which is what I would probably think to do.