Friday, January 7, 2011

Dairy Droid

We got Droids last night. I read the statistic today that 56% percent of Americans accessed the Internet on their phones last year. So we’re joining the majority.

Kris justified it by how helpful it’ll be for him to have it on the farm, when he’s rarely sitting in front of a computer. He’s called me many times to have me look up online directions, or a place name, or the current weather. These phones do everything, it seems. He’s going to use it to look up conversions of weights and measures, take good pictures, check the weather radar, and already used a stopwatch app this morning to time the amount of feed that goes into the mixer.

I justified mine by ‘wanting one’.

He downloaded a dairy-specific app – we’re going to remain in the dark about what it did, because it was in French. C’est la vie! I’m sure they’ll only get better.


Aimee said...

I bet he can get a french translation app to go with that french dairy farm app. I love my droid and I think you'll love yours. There's a new one coming out in a few months called the Droid Bionic. I'm going to get it to match my arm.

Jules said...

The only way this post could be better would be if you typed it on your Droid.