Monday, January 24, 2011

Evergreen Dairy

Farms have names, because they're businesses. A lot of them use the family's last name. Some of them describe the surrounding geography. Some of them mesh the guy and girl's names together - like when my grandparents combined Caroline and Dale and called it CarDale. (My dad changed it, but we still got mail for CarDale Farms all the time. We still do. When just the 'Car' is peeking out I always think it's a super exciting letter for me.)

Kris thought of the name of our farm. He wanted the word 'dairy' in it, because as he pointed out, a 'farm' could be many things. A dairy is more specific.

'Evergreen' also meant a lot of things to us ... pasture-based, as in green grass. Green as in MSU Spartans. There's a huge evergreen tree in our yard. Kris used to live on Evergreen Avenue at MSU. And green as in profit! (I may have added that one later.)

Kris designed a logo this year and had graphic designer Carol Stewart finalize it. It incorporates the grass, the water from irrigation, and of course, the all-important cow.

Yes, that's it on a gray shirt. Not green. That might have been overkill.

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Jules said...

Nice! I think it's a great name for a farm. Other dairies should be green with envy they didn't think of it first.