Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here's a fun fact. It hasn't gone above freezing for a solid two weeks! Kris said that when it's cold, everything just takes a little longer. You have to warm up the machinery longer before you use it. You have to take breaks to warm yourself up so you're not frozen. You have to bundle up in more layers before you even leave the house.

But ... nothing broke today. The machines still worked. Apparently, they're used to the cold, and so are we.

When we were in Atlanta the first day (the ice storm came the second day) it was in the 40s. We didn't even wear coats. I was mad that I wore boots, because my feet were sweating. In contrast, our taxi driver was wearing a winter hat and blasted the heat. The bellhops at the hotel were wearing scarves that covered half their faces. People kept admonishing me to 'COVER UP THAT BABY!' (He was already covered in a blanket, and wearing a hat. Only his little face was showing. If only they knew he was used to ... going for recreational walks in 20 degrees ...)

I guess we're going to continue being used to it. The forecast for the next two weeks is more of the same.

Regardless of the weather, we'd be doing pretty much the same things. Just a little slower, in less flattering clothes, with people telling me my kids are cold.

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