Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freeze, freezing, frozen

The pipes froze in the calf barn. There's a space heater in there, but as Kris said, a space heater is no match for 10 degrees below zero. He thawed them out by getting a pail of hot water from the dairy barn and pouring it on them. That thawed out the sink pipes, so then he could use that faucet to thaw out the rest of them.

Kris said it was so cold that in the dairy barn there was a thick fog hovering over the cows - since they were so warm and the air was so cold. He took a picture for me -

That's right! It was actually below zero inside the barn. With all those cows producing body heat. A rarity indeed.

I went outside when I saw how cold it was to see if I could tell without the aid of my thermometer. My nose hairs froze when I breathed in, my car made a protesting noise when I started it, and I put on gloves to drive for the first time this winter. When you're running from cars into buildings, a 25 degree difference isn't that major ... unless you're water running through pipes.

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