Saturday, January 29, 2011


It snowed about four inches last night. We were going ice skating at a friend's pond but Kris told us to go without him - the skid steer had another hydraulic leak from a different hose. We went, he fixed it.

I hate to keep listing things that keep breaking, (do you hear me, Caterpillar? Love you, but sad about the hydraulic hoses!) but it's really just part of working with machinery. In the winter.

Here's what I saw from my window this morning - pretty snow covered trees.

Sights like this make it easy to appreciate the best parts of winter. Snow, skating, hot chocolate, and ample hydraulic fluid.

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the crew said...

Oh ugh! I am so over snow. Today it was 60 and sunny. Can't you move your dairy farm to NC?!?! :)