Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was in college when I noticed that - other than color - you can tell cars apart. I simply had never paid attention before. (To the extreme. A friend told me he bought a Mustang and I said, "Cool! What's it look like?")

So I don't claim to be any expert on cars or other vehicles.

But today, when I was walking into the house, carrying a crying child and four bags of groceries, I peered through the snow to see an unfamiliar tractor driving by.

I smiled and sort of nodded my head at the driver I couldn't see. I didn't think much about it, but after Kris came home, he told me ... yes, he bought the tractor.

"Does it have a little cover on the top?" I asked.

"A canopy? Yes," Kris said.

"I saw Mike drive by!" I said.

So even though I can't identify vehicles or people driving I've known my entire life, I do know a strange tractor when I see one. Neighborhood watch, I'm ready.


Aimee said...

I was talking to a coworker's 13yo kid about how she should sweet talk her dad into letting her drive the car that he was rebuilding when she turned 16 and she replied, "No, I want an Infiniti." I'm not sure I knew that it was even a type of car in college."

Jules said...

In high school we used to switch cars so the boys we were stalking wouldn't catch on. I WISH I had a tractor to disguise myself back then. Sneaky.

Tracy said...

I'm the same. Whever someone says, "I got a Cadillac" or "I just leased a Lexus," or "I'm thinking of buying an Odyssey," I ask, "What color."