Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's talk

Annual Dairy Communicator conference today! The speakers, the people, the facts presented - it was all very interesting!

Just a couple of notes:

There's a lot of milk in the US right now. I wrote notes like: "708 million more pounds than last year in the US. Hope for blazing hot summer ... in a different state." (Just kidding, southern states!)

United Dairy Industry of Michigan is promoting chocolate milk as a refueling drink at 18 races this year! The first two marathons were really successful, and we heard lots of testimonies about how great chocolate milk is for runners - from runners. I like the site:

Mitch Smith from UDIM said that for all Happy Meal orders, McDonald's workers are now being trained to say, "Do you want white milk or chocolate milk with that?"  (Maybe supersizing the milk will also be an option someday.) 

As always, talking to the people was a lot of fun. You know ... communicating with communicators. It's what we do best. That, and writing about it online afterward.


Ang said...

The actor Ryan Reynolds and his girlfriend were spotted drinking chocolate milk the other day. I heard it on the radio and thought about Truth or Dairy!

Jon said...

My students at school asked about low-fat chocolate milk and thanks to Truth or Dairy and I was able to tell them about how great it is for them, especially after a workout.

Carla said...

Ang - HA! I had to look that up and found it here:

That was actually a really successful product placement, all engineered by the dairy industry.
Expect chocolate milk to be the only beverage served at the Pitt/Jolie wedding. : )

Carla said...

Jon, you're the best. Man, I bet your students love you!