Friday, April 20, 2012


I got the call this morning. They needed a farmer, and they needed one now.

The preschool in town was hosting the Book Barn, donated by Farm Bureau. It's a cute little traveling bookshelf, shaped like a barn, that's filled with farming books. (Accurate agriculture books! The cows all have the proper amount of teats. Farm Bureau selects them.)

But ... they needed a farmer to read to them! The farmer they'd lined up couldn't do it at the last minute. They didn't mind me bringing my kids, so off we went.

The preschool kids all got animal hats and a coloring book about dairy cows. One of the books I read was: 'Extra Cheese, Please!: Mozzarella's Journey from Cow to Pizza.'

It was good! Entertaining, informational, real pictures, easy to understand.

The kids were adorable. I was asking them about it afterward and one of the boys repeated the book back to me, practically word for word. They had lots of questions and comments and the whole experience was great.

I love writing a blog because I can communicate with people everywhere - here and around the world. But like all things comparing the internet with face to face ... it's nice to see people. I like to put a face on farming, especially to kids who've never learned this before.

I'd do it anytime. Need a dairy lesson? Just call my hotline. I specialize in book emergencies.

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