Monday, April 9, 2012

Dairy category

I was listening to the Bob & Tom show and my ears perked up when they had this conversation:

"I gave up dairy for Lent."

"But you didn't like it to start with."

"Yeah, I do. Cheese ..."

"You don't like mayonnaise."

"That's not dairy - mayonnaise is egg-based!"

"Eggs are dairy, aren't they? You find them in the dairy section!"

(Scoffing) "Eggs come from chickens, not cows! Yeah, I run a big dairy farm ... we've got 15 head of chicken."

"I base all my food groups on grocery store placement."

To be fair, both products do come from farms. But then again, so does all food.


I went to my friend's house today in town. Really, in town - within walking distance of grocery stores and libraries and schools. She said she had a surprise in the back. She walked out of her potting shed with ... baby chicks! Her husband bought them at TSC and they sent them home in a little cardboard box. They were adorable. My friends are either going to make a coop or give them to a relative to raise when they get bigger.

I'm 100% certain they know they aren't dairy producing chickens.

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