Thursday, April 5, 2012


A friend texted me a picture of this product:

She got them in the grocery store. We'd never heard of them before, so I looked them up on the Got Milk? site. They have a variety of flavors.

They're (of course) available online, too.

It seems to go in the category of bread bowls for me. You get to eat the container. Is it Easter yet? I'm thirsty AND hungry.


Kris is doing a million things to get ready for the season - trying out a new wheel loader, checking on calf sales, using the rock picker to get the field ready for planting alfalfa, paying bills ... He's always on the phone researching, getting quotes, getting answers, and working. Nice that he can work from home, anyway! Even though his office is up a flight of stairs, it doesn't have a door. I'd say his truck is his real office. That sounds like a country song title. Fill in the verses - you'd have a hit!


Jon said...

I have actually tried those before. My cousin does not drink regular milk unless it is through one of those straws. It was the strangest way I ever drank chocolate milk. Goes in the glass white and through the straw it became chocolaty. Crazy!

Carla said...

No wonder they market them as magic. This is WAY better than a rabbit in a hat. : )