Friday, April 13, 2012

Picking and planting

There's a lot to do to rotate crops. We've been growing corn in this field for awhile, so we're changing it to alfalfa. Changing crops breaks up the bug cycle, changes the weeds, and is good for the soil makeup.

Kris and the guys cleared all the rocks in the field. He even used a wheel loader to get out some huge ones. The boys pointed out the giant hole to me today. (They'd helped him do it. How long until they can just do it themselves? We're counting down.)

I asked a friend who just returned to farming how his spring was going. He wrote, "It's really dry and we need rain. Doesn't that make me sound like a farmer? Ha."

That's exactly what I said when I looked at this field. Can't help the way you sound when your job depends on the weather!

But soon this ...

Will turn to this:

You know, provided we get enough rain - and everything else goes perfectly!

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