Saturday, April 28, 2012

Planting corn

Kris is planting corn! 

Timing when to plant is always stressful - why?  Because it depends on the weather.  I was out on the roads driving a lot yesterday and every farmer was out in his fields, planting.  We even saw them at 11:00pm at night, lights ablaze, working away.  It's really nice conditions for planting THIS INSTANT, so everyone wants to take advantage.

We hire a company to do some field work.  It works out for a lot of farmers that you can pay someone to do something (like field finishing), rather than own the equipment yourself.  Plus, these companies have huge equipment so they can do it super fast.

So this was our entertainment yesterday morning.  After it went by, my son said, "That was loud!"

As soon as he drove away, it was once again so quiet you could almost hear the grass growing.  And soon, corn.

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