Monday, April 25, 2011

Post holiday

We had a lovely Easter. Today was back to normal:

Buying - Kris got a new battery for the four wheeler. The other one was totally dead - it wouldn't even take a charge. (We use a four wheeler to herd the cattle in to the parlor from the pasture to be milked.)

Building - The builders started roofing in the morning, but it started raining. They quit and started putting in posts for the gates. When it stopped raining they started on the roof again, but ... it's supposed to rain for the next three days at least.

Stories - Kris came home with a story. Our employee Josh said his wife opened her washer and ... there was a snake inside! And not a garter snake! Josh grabbed it and killed it. He showed Kris the video on his phone. I have no idea how any of this story could happen, but it did. I can't wait to talk to Josh to hear more details and see the video.

Community - I was gone most of the day to the St Johns Community Pep Rally. We came in sixth place in Reader's Digest We Hear You America contest, so the Reader's Digest RV came into town today to award us with $10,000! I went in the RV with my friend Suzie to take pictures of the RV in front of the town elementary schools. We're using the money as seed money to build a spray park.

Let's hope the rain pauses enough to let them build the barn this week. Let's also hope that my laundry remains snake-free.

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Jules said...

Do you remember like 8 years ago that woman in London was bit by a rat in her toilet while she was going to the bathroom? I STILL don't use toilets*. And now I will never do laundry again.

*People who don't know me: that was an attempt at a joke. I do use toilets. However nervously.