Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday and friends

Brad and Liz from Illinois stopped by today. We got to meet their kids for the first time and take them on ... the first farm tour of the spring!

At one point, when we were in the milking parlor, Liz said that she didn't realize that farmers still didn't milk cows by hand. The other day, someone mentioned to me that they didn't know cows had to have a calf every year to give milk. But really, why would they know? They know cows give milk - but if you don't know a farmer, don't drive by farms, never are exposed to it ... why would you think about these things until someone teaches you?

Modern day parlor

So it's always fun to have people here and to be able to answer their questions about everything - like what the feed pile is. (Liz said she'd seen them in other places and thought they were some kind of sledding hill. They do look super fun.)

While they were here the milk truck came and I met Andy, the guy who was driving today. He showed the kids how he was taking samples of the milk and then pumping the milk into the truck. He even honked the horn for them.

And kids LOVE tractors. (I remember loving them when I was little too. I distinctly remember the first time I lied. I was playing on the combine after being explicity told not to do so, because I was wearing nice clothes and we were on the way to a graduation open house. My mom came out of the house and said, "Were you playing on the combine?" And I said, "No." THAT is how powerful the allure of equipment to a kid is!)

She would never lie. Look at her!

The spring tours will continue - we have more visitors coming tomorrow! Maybe even at some point our tours will not end in the words, "Well, let's go in. I'm freezing."

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