Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain rain ...

Kris got a new water heater for the barn. There was so much rain today the builders didn't even come. We went to a benefit with friends - that's one positive to all the rain. No planting in this kind of weather, so the busy time is put off for one more day. Even though he'd really like it to start now ... it will eventually.

I saw Josh's video and the picture of the snake.

1) It was in his dishwasher, not his washer. His wife opened it and the snake fell from the top to the bottom.

2) He took it outside, and that's where he shot the video of it. It shook its tail like it had a rattle on it, but didn't. (Baby ones have just buttons there, I learned.)

3) Based on my memory of the picture, it's either an Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake or an Eastern Milk Snake.

4) Based on Josh's job, it's probably a milk snake. Just because of the name! Besides, the other one is Michigan's only venomous snake. If you get a snake in your dishwasher, it seems too much that its bite would ALSO be full of venom, right?

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Jules said...

Oh. Well, I was willing to give up laundry, but I'm not willing to do all my dishes by hand so I guess this is good news. Still. Creepy.