Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jobs of the day

Lots going on! It's a nice change from the winter.

They continued grading the sand at the new barn site. More trucks are still coming with sand, and the bulldozer pushes it into place. We drove down there and took pictures and waved. This is the same company that did the dirt work for our concrete feed pad, so they're pretty used to having us watch them.

It looks like such a massive amount of work. The truck driver dumps the trailer of dirt. Then he gets out, unhooks the trailer, gets back in. Dumps the second trailer of dirt. Gets out, hooks the trailer back on. Drives out. Comes back with another two truckloads.


Kris is continuing to work on the calf cart. He’s fitting it with a tank on the back that we’ll fill with fresh milk to feed to the calves in the new barn.

We used to feed them milk replacer (which is like formula), but with the new setup we’ll be able to use the cow’s milk to feed to them. This will save us money, since we won’t have to buy milk replacer.

He even made it more clear what the cart’s used for:


The vet came to check the rest of the cows today. Some are pregnant, some are a little pregnant, and some aren’t pregnant. We’ll eventually sell the ones that aren’t pregnant, because they’ll stop giving milk. The ones that are pregnant, we’ll dry up.

The vet checks them internally. He puts on a long, plastic glove that goes up to his shoulder. He feels them on the inside and determines by its size how old the calf is. It took him about an hour and a half to check 50 cows.

I didn't take any pictures of that. Feel free to browse the internet on your own!

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Tracy said...

I've seen that done, so I won't go checking for pictures. Having grown up on a dairy farm, I remember thinking I was very much like a cow all during pregnancy and nursing!