Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plats and pickles

Fun Saturday facts:

My father-in-law mentioned plat books today. I always remember plat books being around our house, but I didn’t know the name of them until much later. Did everyone else have these? They’re little books that have the public record of maps, showing where land is divided and who owns what. I think these are of particular interest to farmers because . . . you’re always interested in land! You can’t help but be interested, since it's part of the job. You look at other people’s crops, houses, and woods. Plat books help make it easier to know your neighborhood better.

We also visited some friends who live in Frankenmuth. They're cash crop farmers, and when they talk about it, they say that they grow 'pickles'. I asked why they say pickles, rather than cucumbers. He explained that every cucumber they grow is used for pickles. They have to be a certain width and height, and if they’re not, then the pickle companies can’t buy them and won’t use them. Why? Because they have to fit in the jar. Packaging!

The Pickle Farmers is also the name of an unsigned band. I found that out when I was googling for more information. Maybe with better packaging, they'll also get a contract!

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