Wednesday, March 2, 2011


First, the weather report - it's warming up outside. I taught the boys 'March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,' but since it's pretty lamb-y outside right now, I hope it doesn't go backward this year.

Second, the building report. Kris met with the company who's going to do the digging work and based on the location of the barn, we might not have to bring in any dirt to level it out. If we don't, it'd be a big cost saving. He's also getting an estimate on digging a new well. We just had one put in two years ago, but we need an additional one because the new barn will be too far away from it.

Third, what needs fixing this week? Just one tractor. We're still trying a few things before we take it in.

Fourth, I saw a sure sign of spring. Though robins are admittedly the best sign, I saw a dead skunk in our road. As soon as it warms up every year, the skunks come out and get hit by cars. Is there a sweeter smell than the scent of spring? ... It's no wonder that I kind of like the smell of skunk.

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Jules said...

I see you posted this yesterday, which means 23 hours ago is was almost Spring-like. 20 miles away, at my home, 23 hours later, it is FREEZING. Colder than freezing. However I did see a thawed out dead deer down the road so that gave me a bit of Springy hope.