Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain drain

We had a lot of rain yesterday – even thunder and lightning! As a result, today at the calf barn Kris had to drain the feeder.

They have J-bunks, which are troughs that are (surprise!) shaped like the letter ‘J’. They hold feed but they also catch water, so when it rains they fill up. There’s a little drain hole in the cement, but it can only be so big, or otherwise the feed would come out too.

So Kris today took a wire and cleaned out the hole. He waited until it got jammed up again, a few times, and cleaned it out until all the water had run out.

There’s feed in the trough, since they eat pretty much around the clock, and they would eventually eat and drink everything in there, mushy or not. But they don’t prefer wet feed – they like nice, fresh, dry feed. So we think. They haven’t voiced (or mooed) that or anything.

Kris said that as he was standing there he was glad the calves are doing so well. Even in this up and down weather, which sometimes bothers them, he didn’t hear one cough.

The boys and I also watched Kris clean out our tub drain the other day. Even though I’m the only person in the house with long hair, it’s Kris’ job to untwist a wire hanger every so often and clean it. I encourage it . . . I wouldn’t want to deprive him of a practice session. I want him to be the best J-bunk drain cleaner he can be. I think he does too, even though he hasn’t voiced that or anything.

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Jules said...

Does he want more practice? Because I trust there are some long red hairs just begging to be yanked out of our drain! Just sayin'...