Saturday, March 12, 2011


I mentioned before that a reliable sign of spring is a dead skunk. Today, while running, I not only saw a dead skunk, but I saw four robins! They were all together, perched on the electric fence, probably wondering why on earth they came back so early. (Answer: they get the worm.)

I went to a Red Wings hockey game last night in Detroit. After the game, we were part of the outdoor crowd all being herded toward the people mover, slowly. My friend said, "Do you feel like we're like your cattle?" Then an intoxicated man came pushing by, falling into her. Then some people cut in line, and a guy by us yelled, "We wait in line in America!" since the opposing team was from Canada. But everyone laughed when he said it - including the Canadians. No one was really mad - they shrugged off the pushy guy, and everyone was good natured and waiting happily. There was no biting wind, no snow, and most people weren't wearing coats.

Never mind that it's sort of rain/snowing. Or that it's still cold and windy and not spring-like at all. With dead and live animal sightings, turning our clocks tonight, and the most telling sign - easygoing hockey fans - everyone can tell spring is on its way all the same.


Jules said...

Nothing says Spring like coatless winter sport fans!

Stacey Hansen said...

And of course we can't forget about March Madness as a sure sign that spring is almost here!