Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ice storm

Another ice storm! All the schools are cancelled, it's below freezing, and everything is covered in ice. It's still pretty ... but just not quite as pretty as it was February 23. My son said, "The sky must not know it's spring."

You always hope you don't lose power for the obvious reasons. Most dairy farmers can't afford to lose power, so they have generators. There are two main reasons:

1) You have to milk the cows when they need to be milked, no matter what. Otherwise they'd be sore and you wouldn't make any money that day. It would be awful for everyone.

2) If you have milk in the bulk tank, it needs to be refrigerated. Like all milk, eventually it'll spoil if left at room temperature.

Our employee who milks his own cows unfortunately lost power today. He said that if it didn't go on by the afternoon, he was going to go buy a generator. So I bet the ice was even less pretty to him.

Kris had to break the ice on the feed mixer wagon scale in order to push the buttons

Icy berries

The wind is blowing the trees and the branches are clacking together. It's noisy out here!

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