Monday, March 7, 2011

Signed, sealed, and delivered ... to the wrong place

I love eating cereal. I’ll eat it for any meal, any snack. It’s been this way for years. Now that we have kids, we have even more cereal in the house. Once a friend was over and opened our cupboard and said, “I counted. You have nine boxes of cereal in there. You have four gallons of milk in the fridge. Do you eat anything else?” Yes, I do. I eat a healthy, balanced diet. But if there were vegetable cereal, I’d give it a shot.

So today our feed company, which delivers to us, called to tell us that they had emptied someone else’s feed into our bin. (We add their mix to the feed we’ve grown and harvested - corn silage, haylage and corn snaplage.)

The problem was that we didn’t want to feed them someone else’s feed, because changing their rations could potentially make them give less milk. When you change feed rations at all, it takes them a little while to get used to it, and changing it to this different feed and then back to the regular when it was emptied – like within five days – might bother them. Plus, the feed mix is balanced based on the composition of our silage. (We had it tested before we ordered the mix.)

They came again and put our right feed in a bin we don’t normally use. We were wondering how they were going to get the wrong feed out of the bin, because it goes directly into our mixer. They said there’s such thing as a vacuum truck. It’s going to come and suck out all the wrong feed.

I asked Kris what’s in our feed ration, and he said it’s a mix of soybean meal, minerals, and a little sugar.

“The sugar is actually ground up Froot Loops,” Kris said. “You can see them, and it smells like them.”

Wait a second. Our cows are eating cereal too? This is a cross-species favorite?

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Cereal just goes so well with milk.

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