Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teaching Thursday

- Faith Cullens, who works for MSU Extension as a dairy educator, asked me to speak at a technology training session for producers. So that's what I did today - talked to other producers about the technical aspects of my blog! Why? Because farmers want to tell you about what they do and why they do it.

- Kris did his regular work ... except in different clothes. That's right - it was 60 degrees! No coat, no hat, no gloves. I barely recognized him.

- Today Kris and I were talking to our vet - who is our friend - and one of them mentioned clean up bulls. (I'd never heard this term.) Apparently the clean up bull is the bull you bring in when you artificially inseminate your cows. In case the artificial insemination didn't take, there's still the bull present to try and get the cows pregnant. Our vet friend then offered up that his "completely unearned" nickname in vet school was CUB. Clean up bull. He said he wasn't even sure if his wife knew that. I pointed out that he had four kids, so she probably already knew it.

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