Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cart it up

Kris’ grandpa built two golf courses. His family still owns and runs one of them. When Kris was growing up, he worked on it most summers. He’s golfed his whole life, really.

So when he started talking about a calf cart, I didn’t know this – it looks like a really tough golf cart.

That’s because that’s what it is. It has diamond plate in the back, it goes fast, it looks durable.

He got it to help him feed the calves in the new barn. Instead of making numerous trips by foot to get milk and feed for the calves, you can drive up and down the aisle and take everything with you. It just makes the whole process speedier.

I think if I pulled that monster up to the course, it just might improve my golf game, too.


Jules said...

Next time I come over let's have a few drinks and take that baby out.

Stacey Hansen said...

That thing would be a hit down in The Villages in Florida where golf carts are the main mode of transportation. You could blow them all away with that thing!