Monday, March 28, 2011

On the way

The tractor we’re buying is going to be ready next week. Why, if we bought a tractor, wasn’t it ready immediately? Well, a farm near Hastings ordered a new tractor from the factory. As soon as their tractor was finished, they wanted to use it.

The dealership wanted to get a jump on selling the old tractor, because it was the winter. Once it’s spring, farmers are busy and don’t have time to research, look for, and test drive tractors. And it’s much better to buy a tractor before you desperately need one, because one’s broken and you have to plant! So much about crops is time and weather-sensitive.

The dealership set the price based on a certain amount of hours. (Hours are how they calculate tractor use, not miles driven.) They guessed at the amount of hours the tractor would have on it by the time the new tractor arrived. If the tractor had more hours on it than what they guessed, then the price would be lower. (They didn’t.)

The tractor is at the dealership now, and they’re getting it ready to come here. Kris told me they’re doing things like changing the fluids, taking care of any known issues, and cleaning it. He also had them order a buddy seat for it.

A buddy seat is that little chair next to the driver’s seat so you can have someone ride in the tractor with you. Kris has had lots of people ride with him. I have, my dad, friends, friends’ kids, and I’m sure to come . . . all five of us will fit in that tractor at once.

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